happy-new-year-1443942-640x480The New Year has once again inspired many to go to the gym and lose that stubborn weight they’ve been carrying around for years. For others it’s a time to quit smoking or to get a better job. Whatever your goals for the new year you can rest assured that there are many others that are having the same feeling as you are.

This is the year that I do it!! 1.07

Most will fail or give up after less than a month. That is the sad truth. The reason most will fail is that they haven’t actually SET any goals. They just said to themselves that they want to lose weight. That doesn’t actually get them any closer to their goal because they have set themselves up to fail.

I, on the other hand plan on doing it differently this year. I plan on writing down my goals and becoming more vocal with others in my life to let my plans knowns. It’s called by some as having an accountability partner. This accountability partner is there to make sure you keep on track.

So. Ill let you in on one of MY goals and you can be my accountability partner. One of my many goals of 2016 is to expand my website into something more than just a place to find my phone number or something to put on my business cards. I plan on making my website into a helpful tool for other marketers and business owners to use to help grow their business.

To be more specific about how I’m going to do that I will tell you this. One of my first steps is going to be to add to my blog at least one post per month. In these post I will be talking about the latest techniques myself and other marketers have been using to get more leads and sales using the power of the internet. I feel that would be an achievable goal that you can all hold me accountable for. As time goes and I get better at writing I hope to be posting once a week.

I also hope that my writing can somehow help you to grow your business to a new level that you didn’t know was possible. Or that you didn’t think was achievable on your own. So please keep me accountable to this promise to you. My email is Mike@KarmicMarketing.ca. If you don’t see a blog post at least once per month this entire year please give a kick.

Next weeks post will have some actual content that you can consume for your benefit. Ill tell you about the cool new facebook trick Im using to get restaurants reservations of 10 or sometimes more every night of the week. Thanks for reading and I hope you have as much success Im going to have this year.





Michael Lees

Michael Lees

Karmic Marketing

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