facebook-iconAlmost everybody nowadays has a facebook page. I only know of maybe a half a dozen people that don’t. Many people explore FB on their phone. Most phones have GPS. This means that FB knows the location of the phone user and they can show that person ads directly tailored to their age group, sex, interests and location.

So for a small business owner that needs to bring in more local traffic to their business, doesn’t this approach make a lot of sense?  

FB allows you to target your ads in several different ways. Unlike Google which shows ads to people based on what they typed into the search bar, FB targets people based on their location, sex and age. But there are even more targeting features that you can tap into.

Many people tell FB when their birthday is. That way people that are friends with them will get a notice on their mobile to wish their friend a happy birthday. Since they know so many people’s birthdays they allow you to target those birthday people with your advertisements. And if you tailor your ads around wishing them a happy birthday with an offer from your business then the advertising gets extremely targeted.

This is a great strategy that has been working for some time now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

You can also target users based on their interests. Let’s say you sell running shoes. Your advertising would likely best suit a person that is involved in running activities more so then they would towards say a construction worker that only wears steel toed footwear (not ideal for running).

man-walkingCurrently 8.8 Million people on FB have listed running as an activity they enjoy. So why would you show your ads to anyone else BUT that group of people that already raised their hands and said that they like running!!

The next and most simple way to target your FB ads is by age and gender. If you know that many of your products or services are better suited for adults over the age of 30 then you won’t waste your money advertising to anyone under your target age.

If you already know that most of your customers are women in their 30s and 40s then you want to target only that age range and in a close proximity to your shop. 

So my point is that FB has allowed us as marketers and business owners to have an extremely targeted audience. This helps to reduce costs by not showing our ads to people that wouldn’t be interested in our services.

With even more changes coming every month to the FB advertising platform we can only look forward to great things in the future. Video ads are blowing up with enhanced call to action features and laser like targeting so you can rest assured your marketing dollars will be well spent.


In summary:

If you found all this a little confusing (and many do) we’d be happy to have a conversation with you to help get you started on the right foot. . If you’d be happier just saying “do this for me because I dont have the time to figure it out!” we would also understand.  

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Michael Lees

Karmic Marketing

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