man thinking baout website descisionsThere are a few key decisions when planning a website for your business. One of which is how your website will look on a mobile device. This is very important these days with more and more people doing most of their web browsing on their mobile phones.

Many people are using their mobile device to make buying decisions before heading into the store. They also are using their phones to check business hours and location while they are out and on the go. I know because I do this myself.

Countless times I’ve been out and about and wondered if a business is still open or I need their phone number to see if they carry a particular product but their website isn’t mobile formatted and becomes almost impossible to navigate using a small screen.

So this brings us to the big question.

Will your web visitors enjoy their experience on your website using their mobile device?

If it is even the slightest bit difficult to navigate your website that potential customer will most likely close the page and find another website that offered them the browsing freedom they desire.

So, going forward let’s review your options.

You have two choices. You can build your website using a mobile formatted template like many WordPress themes are capable of doing these days. Or you can install a subdomain and send mobile visitors to a different website when they use their phones.

By using the subdomain approach you need to consider how often you make changes to your existing website. All changes will also have to make to your mobile website. It is essentially like having two websites. This can be tedious but it can pay off because your website will work and look great on any mobile device.

By using a mobile responsive theme. Themes are available in all varieties for all types of businesses. The most popular type of website is built using WordPress. Many WordPress themes are mobile responsive but there are lots that aren’t. When choosing which theme to use for your business website keep this in mind. If your not sure if the theme you want to use is mobile responsive you can send a message to the developer which is usually available in the theme store where the theme is for sale.

What is a mobile responsive theme?

Mobile responsive means that when a web visitor lands on your page the theme can tell how big their screen size is and it automatically adjust all your content to be in a single line instead of laid out widthwise. Think of it as having your pictures and text squished on top of itself in one long line. It makes it so all your content is visible by scrolling down the page instead of having to pinch and zoom to see certain spots of you web page.

So in my opinion, the best choice to use a mobile responsive theme but if that is not an option or you have your heart set on a particular theme that isn’t mobile responsive then you can always go the other way and use a subdomain based mobile website. is a great resource for this.

Listed bellow is some place to get mobile responsive themes.


Happy hunting and remember if you find a theme that you like but you need some help building it, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we can help you out with all your web design needs.

Next week we will be going over landing pages and how they can drastically reduce your costs of acquiring new customers without the need for a full on website. Remember to check back because we are always posting great content that can hopefully help you build your business and clear some of the confusion that goes with website decisions.



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