Local SEO is a cost effective online marketing strategy for a small business. It is one of the best ways to improve its visibility in the local community by assisting prospects to easily find useful information about local products and services. Additionally, local optimization will enable a local business to bring in prospective customers to its physical store location so that they can purchase the goods and services they need. Here is an outline of the key benefits that your business can gain from local SEO.

1. Increase Your Business Traffic

Local SEO helps you to create a consistent stream of traffic to your store front or office. When you compare local SEO to other kinds of advertising, you will discover that it is a more efficient method. For instance, surveys have shown that more than three quarters of smartphone users will get in touch with a business immediately after looking for its local contact information online. In fact, at least half of the mobile users of search engines will visit your business address the same day they look up your information.

2. Be Found Easily

Engaging in local SEO will help your business to be found by many customers within your target market. This will give you a chance to connect with more clients and promote your products and services to more prospects. Eventually, this will bring more customers directly to your door. Note that local Google queries now account for at least one-third of the searches made by users and over 50% of North Americans are using the Internet instead of printed Yellow Pages.

3. Improve Your Rank in Search Engines

Attaining a higher rank than the other local businesses in the same field will definitely bring in more customers to your business. Since Google has provided so many avenues for local businesses to show up on search results including Google My Business and Google+ Local, effective local SEO will help you to rank higher for local search results. This is because over 90 percent of searchers will contact a business that appears on the first page of search results.

4. Build Brand Awareness

You can use local SEO to build your brand quicker and more efficiently. Recent studies showed that over half of smartphone users do an instant search after seeing an advert in conventional media such as TV, billboards, and magazines. Your target consumers will perceive your business as a leader in your locality when you increase your visibility online and improve your reputation in local search results. You need to improve on your brand awareness because it builds familiarity and makes it easier for consumers to choose you because they already know more about you.

5. Improve Your Reputation

It is quite easy for your small business to build a solid reputation in the minds of your prospects and customers by appearing on the first page of search results, having a professionally designed website, maintaining directory listings, and keeping social media accounts. Today, smartphone users have become so accustomed to social media that at least 70 percent of them will patronize a local business if their information is available on popular social media sites. These discerning customers also look for online reviews about local businesses before they purchase products or services locally.

6. Increase Your Visibility

Local search engine optimization is the easiest way to make your business more visible to thousands of people within your local community. Research has shown that in the last few years, more than 90 percent of your target consumers do some form of internet research for local products and services offered by the local businesses in your area. Thereafter, more than 60 percent of them will visit the business and come with expectations that are based on what they found online. So it is very important to ensure that you do not lose out on this important avenue to increase your revenue.

7. Cost Effective Marketing

If you need a very cost effective means of marketing your business online to your local community, you should use local SEO. It is far cheaper than Groupon, Email marketing, or Pay per click adverts. Local SEO offers you the opportunity to advertise at a fixed cost and take advantage of the high volume of users that are searching for your type of business every day. This is in contrast to the variable and ever increasing cost of other forms of online marketing like Email campaigns or pay per click that consume more money based on volume. In addition, local SEO creates a longer lasting impact because your content will remain available to your prospects for many years to come. However, immediately you stop your email campaign, your marketing impact dies down.

8. Target Your Local Customers Effectively

With local SEO, it is quite easy to target your marketing efforts directly to consumers who are resident in your city when they are searching for information online. Similarly, your business can reach out to consumers in different cities, especially when you have branches in those places, or you have representatives that can help you to attend to customers who call from those locations. Google provides a “near me” service that will enable users to get detailed information about businesses that are close to their location while searching. This type of local SEO is particularly beneficial for food service businesses and businesses that can meet the needs of tourists.

9. Be Ahead of Competitors

To remain ahead of your competitors in today’s digitally driven business environment, local SEO is compulsory. You can’t operate in isolation any more. It is important to find out the way your competitors are marketing their services and providing value for their clients. Then look for ways to improve on the quality of service they are providing. You must match the efforts of your competitors on search engines, social media, email, and online discount (coupon) marketing and then add some extra incentives to attract more customers.


Those are some of the main advantages of practicing local SEO in your business. Local SEO is the most effective way to reach out to hungry prospects who are currently searching for details that will help them to make a good buying decision and maximize the value of their money. For more information about how to start or improve your local SEO, contact us at Karmic Marketing for details about SEO, web design, and online advertising and marketing services.

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